How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

1. Before You Talk To Her, Does She Do This:

  1. Magically moves closer to you
  2. Consistently conveniently appears nearby you, look at you, then look away
  3. Give you a smile
  4. Plays or tosses her hair when she know’s you’re looking in her direction
  5. Accidentally brush against you when walking
  6. Finds some obscure reason to talk to you or people around you. Such as asking for you to help take a picture for her friends, ask for the time or ask for a light?

2. When You Talk To Her, Does She Do This:

  1. Ask you for your name
  2. Ask you for your age
  3. Comes up with a cute nickname for you
  4. Laughs at your jokes and whatever you tell her
  5. Asks if you are married or have a girlfriend
  6. Is willing to wait for you to come back from the bathroom or something
  7. Hang out with you even though her friends are not beside her
  8. Touches you playfully when you joke with her
  9. Assumes you have a girlfriend and starts asking about her, when you never mentioned having a girlfriend
  10. Wants you to teach her whatever skill you might have
  11. Tries to put effort to ask you questions
  12. Gives you compliments
  13. Sits close or moves closer to you when you talk
  14. Accuses you of having lots of girlfriends or being a player
  15. Likes to show open body language, faces you completely, exposes her neck, wrists or inner thighs
  16. Tries to start another conversation after your thread dies down
  17. Tries to tease or challenge you
  18. Is not afraid to look you in the eye directly
  19. Looks to see if you reacted to what she said
  20. When she goes away (maybe to the bathroom) she comes back to you
  21. Avoids mentioning that she has a boyfriend
  22. If you say something, she also mentions that she has something similar and tries to come up with commonalities
  23. Willing to buy you a drink
  24. Asks you where you’re heading off to later
  25. She follows you when you move around
  26. She doesn’t move away when you sit closer
  27. Is comfortable using her legs to touch you when sitting beside her
  28. Avoids talking about whether or not she has a boyfriend
  29. Tries to find ways to playfully touch you
  30. Gets jealous when you mention other girls
  31. Is willing to talk about her friends and family with you

3. After You Meet Her, Does She Do This:

  1. Returns your text messages
  2. Responds to your phone calls
  3. Asks you out to hang out for coffee or movies or invites you to random places
  4. Adds you on Facebook
  5. Wants to show you to her friends and family

 4. How To Confirm If A Girl Has Been Checking You Out

There are some situations where you think that a girl has been checking you out or looking at you, but every time you look in her direction she might look away or seem disinterested.Here’s a test you can use to see if she has been looking at you.

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A good test you can apply to see if a girl has been checking you out is exploiting the fact that humans like to mirror each other.
So what this means if you think a girl has been looking at you, try this.Change your body language, so you might start to scratch your neck, or perhaps look at your phone or get it out of your pocket.After you do that, immediately look in her direction and see if she mimics you by also scratching her neck or checking the time on her phone.If she has done something along the lines of that, then it’s pretty safe to say that she has been looking at you for long enough to want to engage in mirror body language and that’s a sign of wanting to be in rapport with you

It’s a cue for you to approach her!

5. Body Posture Adjustment Test

Tell her to sit with the proper posture. Tell her the way she’s sitting is rude and should sit up and pay attention when you’re talking to her.

6. Knee Compliance Test

Take her hand and place it on your knee then let go. If she pulls her hand away, then punish her. If she complies by leaving her hand there then reward her. If she doesn’t comply then punish her by giving her negative body language and make the situation awkward so she’ll have to re-initiate the chat the conversation (such as turning your back to her). If she does so, put her hand on your knee again.

7. Conversational Hooks

Use conversational hooks and play upon her curiosity to get her asking you questions – Tell her to actively pay attention and ask her random questions about the conversation later to check if she’s been listening. Punish her if she hasn’t.

8. Small Investments On Her Part

Get her to do things for you – start small, for example asking her to be nicer to your friends. Then start asking her to bring you drinks or food at a party. The more she accepts your commands the more you ask. If she refuses, then pretend that you’re the boss and say:

You: Hey, I didn’t pay you to just sit around and look pretty

She’ll be a bit confused because you didn’t pay her. Then make fun of her for being confused. One sure test of her interest is make her go with you to places. Here are some routines for you to do just that:

You: I got something really cool to show you, come here

Then start walking outside. But when you’re out then don’t show her anything and just tell her you wanted to get her alone with a big smile on your face.


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