Manly Gadget Of The Day


Guys, we all know that the only reason that most of us have that little plastic rack hanging on the shower head is because our women wanted one and we want sex later. So we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got one. Guess what, that rack has got all of her shit on it now. We only have our shampoo and maybe our shaving cream that we got to keep up there. How does a guy complete for space with the hundred things a woman has in the shower?

Don’t have to. One of our product testers uses these and he said it’s basically saved his relationship. Today’s manly gadget spotlight is on the Magnetic Shampoo Holder. Its manliness lies in its simplicity. It’s a series of magnets and straps. Don’t need to compete with your woman’s stuff anymore. Just strap one of these around your shampoo and stick it to a magnet on the wall. Takes care of that whole space problem. You only need a couple, because you’re a man. You don’t need fifty bottles of crap in the shower!


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