A Chick Flick Even A Guy Can Enjoy

Alright men, I think we’ve found it. The highest grossing chick flick that a guy will also enjoy. Of course I’m talking about the 1997 film Titanic. Couple of reasons why you will love this even though it’s a chick flick. Number one, guys love records. Apart from the story itself, there’s the story about how this movie was the highest grossing film in the world for like seventeen years or something like that.

It’s got one little tiny nude scene that you may have heard about, but it’s done in such an artistic way (literally) that you almost don’t jump up and go “Oh look, boobs”. It’s directed by James Cameron, so he was able to interject enough of his magic action movie fairy dust into this thing so it didn’t turn into The Notebook Goes On A Cruise.

I’ve been to cover stock car races where guys were in their motor coaches with their wives or girlfriends and heard this movie playing from the outside. Every time, it was a guy sobbing his eyes out.

That being said, what’s some movies you guys have openly wept at? Excuse me, that you’ve heard that a friend openly wept at?


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