Man Friendly Chick Flick Of The Day

AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN, Richard Gere, Debra Winger, 1982, (c) Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

For those of you men that are stuck trying to find a movie that your woman will enjoy for its chick flick qualities as well as some properly placed manliness, might we suggest the 1982 film An Officer And a Gentlemen.

It fits the criteria of being a man friendly chick flick for a good reason, half the movie isn’t a chick flick at all. The manliness is mixed in quite well with the normal requisite chick flick moments. For example, it’s about a guy going through flight school. Check that one off the list. Second, the two male leads in the movie portray the ultimate recruit vs drill instructor relationship. Richard Gere’s character damn near gets the shit beaten out of himself physically and mentally at every turn. It’s like Rocky without the boxing gloves. This one’s a safe bet for you and your woman to both enjoy.

It’s become a timeless classic. So for the men that have seen it, how high on a manliness scale would you regard An Officer and a Gentleman?


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