Manly Movie: Bull Durham

bull durham

Every man has a dream that they want to pursue. Some of us will never make it into major league baseball, but we still allow that dream to live by playing in local softball leagues. Small stuff that makes us feel like a big person.

Some of us never get the shot to be the big shot. That’s sort of the tale of today’s Manly Movie, Bull Durham. In this one, Kevin Costner plays an aging minor league catcher who is tasked with helping someone much younger and cockier than him get to the big time. Instead of telling management to piss off, he actually helps the young pitcher become exactly what he’ll need to be to be a success in the shark tank of professional baseball.

Even though this isn’t one of those CGI blockbusters where shit is exploding everywhere, it gets a high score on the manliness scale for one reason. It takes a big person to impart knowledge onto someone that’s in a better position to use it even though you are far past the point of being able to use it yourself.

Added to that, the movie also goes into the sub-genre of being a film that you can also watch with your lady and it happens to be funny as hell as well.


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