Manly Movie Of The Week: Die Hard

Die Hard

It’s Christmas Eve. You’re visiting your quasi estranged wife at her new fancy office. You go to change clothes or take a piss. Out of nowhere, terrorists storm the gates of the high rise office building. Realizing that you are the only way these people are going to be saved you take it upon yourself to help liberate them.

Oh shit, you forgot your shoes. Now you’ve got to do all this barefooted. Which means you’ve got to run up and down stairs, through broken glass, climbing elevator cables, fighting jacked up Germans, getting shot, shooting back and dealing with dipshit FBI agents on the ground. Need I say more?

Die Hard is the perfect manly movie because as men we have all had moments in our lives where we had to be the one that stands up and says, “well I guess it’s up to me”. It’s not a movie about fighting murderers, it’s a movie about rising to the challenge when it seems like shit is going south. And THAT is what being a man is all about!


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