Manly Movie Of The Week: First Blood


Let’s face it, some people in positions of power are assholes. Some of them need to be shown in drastic fashion the error of their ways.

First Blood is a perfect example of this. You’ve got John Rambo, who was trained for most of his life to be this one man kill factory; and is now just trying to make his way through life.

Then you add a small town sheriff who decides to screw with him. Bad idea. You’ve got the combination here of a Vietnam vet who hasn’t quite come home yet combined with somebody who can kill you by looking at you and blinking. I think at some point in the movie Rambo actually kills somebody by looking at them. Sure, they may have fallen out of a helicopter. However, I am very certain this was preceded by Rambo staring at him and willing his body out of the helicopter.

This movie gets a manly vote for things that have nothing to do with the excessive gunfire and explosions. It has more to do with the fact that if somebody is screwing with you and there is no other way, there’s nothing wrong with punching them in the face to get them the hell away from you.


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