Manly Movie Of The Week: Hunt For Red October

red october

I can’t imagine how tough the life of a Soviet sub commander must have been. Thankfully, we get a bit of a peek with today’s Manly movie The Hunt For Red October.

In this film, Sean Connery plays a Russian sub commander who once being given the newest sub his navy has to offer; makes the very dangerous decision to defect to the United States. So now you’ve got the Soviets after you, and you’ve got Americans thinking you’re going to launch a nuke on American soil. Real ass puckering stuff, huh?

The performances in this movie are what gives it such a high scale of manliness. You’ve got Connery telling the Soviet Union to cram it. You’ve got Alec Baldwin jumping from helicopters into submarines.

Yes, INTO A SUBMARINE. Plus, you’ve got perennial manliness counselor Scott Glenn as Connery’s nemesis and later unlikely ally.

If this movie was any more manly the film itself would jump out of the screen and beat the shit out of the first person that stepped on its foot.


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