Manly Movie Of the Week: Predator


One of the things that truly makes a man a man is not so much how he lives, but how he decides to die. Does he go screaming and pleading, or does he go out swinging? Today’s Manly Movie exemplifies that very principle.

The 1987 action movie Predator is a prime example of this. By now you have already seen the movie but if you haven’t here’s a thimble’s worth of synopsis. An elite team of commandos are sent in to locate some comrades who are missing in action, or at least that’s what they are told. Once they arrive, they encounter far more dangerous of an enemy than your garden variety South American guerrillas.

Couple of things that give this movie a high number on the manliness scale. One, for the scene in which one of the characters goes to his death. Once realizing he is pretty much going to be killed by the Predator, instead of running like a chicken he pulls out a machete; cuts himself and has an off screen battle with the Predator allowing his remaining comrades time to flee.

Second is this is probably the only film to produce two governors. Yes, Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger both went on to become governors in Minnesota and California respectively. If two separate groups of people saw this movie and said we have to let those guys run some shit, it should get your vote of manliness as well.


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