Your Manly Movie Of The Day


There used to be a special thing on a cable channel in the United States called Movie for Guys That Like Movies. Long story short, these films exuded manliness.

One film that absolutely embodies manliness would be the classic film The Great Escape. Set in a German POW camp during World War 2, it’s about a group of soldiers from the Allied side saying “screw this barbed wire and these Nazis, we’re getting the hell out of here!”

So they tunneled. Think Shawshank Redemption with a much higher degree of difficulty. One of the other not nearly mentioned often enough moments of manliness in this film comes when the prisoners were celebrating some holiday and someone made a batch of moonshine that was so strong you would have spontaneously combusted had you attempted to smoke afterwards.

All kidding aside, the movie shows a fictionalized version of some true manliness. The guys this movie was based on, instead of sitting around waiting the war out said they would rather risk dying in a tunnel than sitting around with the SS anymore.

Got any manly movies you’d like us to talk about or share?


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