6 Signs You’re In Love With Your Girlfriend

If you are reading this than you are likely at a crossroads in your relationship with your woman. There’s no way for me to tell how long you’ve been with this girl, but one thing is definitely for certain; you have developed a certain set of feelings for her. You aren’t quite certain how you feel about this chick. You know what, you might be in love!

That’s a good thing, because that’s where most of us end up wanting to be. We don’t know when it’s going to hit us or where. We may not even recognize the signs of being in love. Here are just a few of them.

You’ve Totally Forgotten Your Ex


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More often than not, when you break up with a woman there is a relatively lengthy period of time that you spend thinking and wondering whether or not the right decision was made by the two of you severing romantic ties. You sit up at night wondering what she is doing and whether or not she is thinking about you. Most of the time, she isn’t.

Now, you’re with this new girl. You’ve gone out on a few dates, or maybe it has taken a few months for the following things to happen. This previous girl that you had been mourning the loss of, you’ve suddenly forgotten basic stuff about her that you could have previously answered out of a dead sleep. You’ve forgotten the color of your ex’s eyes. Getting back together with her is the furthest thing from your mind. You’ve been spending so much time with your new girl that you can’t even begin to come up with any of the things you had previously thought were so damn great about her in the first place.

If you’ve stopped thinking about or doing things associated with your ex, than chances are you are probably in love with this new girl. Give you an example. I have a friend that’s getting married in a few months. He and his fiancé have been together for about a year or so. Previously, he had been with his last girlfriend for about nine months. Every week, they had this thing where they would go to a coffee shop and listen to these acoustic sets by these local folk singers. Nothing wrong with that type of music, but it wasn’t exactly his thing.

After the breakup, he would still occasionally go to these little clubs and listen to the music because they reminded him of her. He would still buy their cd’s they would sell afterwards. About two months into this relationship that’s going to ultimately result in him getting married, I went over to his apartment to watch football. Not only was she over there, which did not surprise me, but every single one of those folk albums were gone.

I asked him about it due to the fact that he had spent a small fortune on these things. He confessed to me that he had sold them because as it turned out, he really didn’t like that stuff as much as he thought. He was really only listening to it because it reminded him of her. Once he got her out of his head, he sort of forgotten what he had ever seen about the music in the first place.

You Can’t Stop Thinking About Her


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It doesn’t matter where you are. You could be at the grocery store, you could be at the gym or you could be at work. The mind wanders in a million different directions throughout the day. If the one place that your mind keeps coming back to is her, then you are in love. The reason is that the fact that you can’t stop thinking about her proves that you truly care about this woman.
You’re wondering if her boss is giving her a hard time at work. You feel bad if she got back to her place after you got back to yours at the end of the day. Hell, any time that you are with a woman and you begin to think about what she would say about a particular situation, that’s when you know you’re in love.

You Make Sacrifices


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Bottom line, when you tell a woman that you’d do anything for them and you actually go it. Most girls that you are going out with that you aren’t truly in love with, you say that stuff but when it comes time to actually deliver you find some clever excuse to not actually do it. I’m not talking out of the legal realm here. Anybody asks you to kill for them and hands you the knife, run as fast as your legs can carry you.

However, when it comes to doing stuff for a woman that couldn’t result in a lengthy prison stay there are plenty of little things that you will do for that woman’s benefit. For example, the two of you work across town. She only has a thirty minute lunch break while yours happens to be an hour. You take your extra half hour and run something up to her office so he doesn’t have to spend ninety percent of her lunch break waiting in line somewhere to buy a sandwich.

Sacrifices also fall under the category of doing stuff that would normally put you out of your comfort zone. For example, this friend of mine that’s getting married happens to be piss scared of heights. You wouldn’t believe how bad it is. Anyway, he and his fiancé are on vacation celebrating their engagement and the resort they are at offers skydiving lessons. For those of you that aren’t aware, that’s where you WILLINGLY jump out of an airplane.

You would think that this guy would tell this woman that he loves so much that he will calmly sit on the ground and watch others. Nope. Instead, he grabbed his woman by the hand and took her to sign up. Obviously being his first time, he did one of those tandem jumps. Turns out, his woman had been on enough documented jumps where the instructors let her be the one he was strapped to.
Think about that for a second. This man was so in love with this woman that he let her be responsible for pulling the cord on the parachute after the two of them jumped out of an airplane! To be able to put aside your own fears and do something because she wants to do it is a sacrifice you will only make if you are in love.

You Don’t Hold Back


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Generally speaking, when guys are in the first stages of a relationship we are very tight lipped. We keep our mouths shut about everything. If we have an opinion about something, we refrain from saying it because we are still trying to impress this woman. It could be anything, from places to eat to how we truly feel about something deep to us.

If you are in love, chances are the gloves have come off by now and you don’t even realize it. Part of being in love is the ability to say whatever is on your mind without worrying that the girl is going to head for the hills. That’s not saying that she isn’t going to disagree with you that just means that you feel it in your heart that she isn’t all of a sudden going to leave your ass over it.

This doesn’t mean that you should tell her every little thing that’s bothering you or get on them about something because you feel like you can be honest. It does mean that you can now be comfortable enough in the relationship to be able to bring up something that is truly bothering you without feeling like she just doesn’t care.

You’re Happy Doing Nothing


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People that are in the early stages of relationships tend to plan big nights out. They go completely balls to the wall trying to impress the hell out of each other. If you are suddenly finding yourself feeling like you’re in love, chances are the two of you may have not had some big night out lately.

You don’t have to have some deep discussion about some big topic or about the status of your relationship. You can take a deep breath realize that things are going to be alright. A lot of love lies in the little things that the two of you suddenly find yourself doing together.

For example, a couple in the early stages of a relationship will plan some big thing after dinner. They will be going to some club or back to one of their respective apartments because they want to get to the sex before the other one, usually the woman, changes her mind. If you are in love you’ll keep ordering tiny things at the restaurant, long after you’ve eaten your meal just so you can keep talking to each other. If you are happy sitting at a table dissecting the latest episode of your favorite television show and not worrying about anything else because you know the sex will come, then you are in love.

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Remember this, couples in lust will close down a bar, couples in love will close down a restaurant.

You Can Reveal Your Weaknesses


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Guys, and I’m guilty of this too, will try to impress the hell out of a girl at first by acting like Superman. We sit there across from you and act like we’ve either never had anything hurt us or never done anything wrong.

Love is admitting that you’re not perfect. It’s telling a women the first time you’re over at her place that you keep wanting to check the locks on her door because you grew up in a bad neighborhood. It’s that you had a stutter growing up and that’s why you had such a hard time coming up to her in the first place. If you’ve done something to tell her that you’re really just Clark Kent, you’re in love.



We here are happy that you’re most likely in love. Although we are here to help you out in every aspect of romantic dealings, if you’ve nodded your head to even one of the things that have been highlighted here, then you better hold onto that woman with both hands so she never flies away from you.

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