5 Ways To Impress A Chick On Your First Date

You’ve gotten her number and you’ve set a time and a place. You are now going out on a date with a hot chick that you seem to get along with on a base level. Some of you reading this might think that getting the chick to agree to be seen with you in public is ninety percent of the battle. It’s actually ten, or even less than that.

The war for her affections really only begins to rage once you’ve set foot in the restaurant or picked her up at her place. Remember, this is an audition for future time spent with her. I keep bringing this up, but this is her doing the Netflix free trial of you. Here are some things you need to pay attention to so you can impress the hell out of her.



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Do not even begin to ask why, but somehow my girlfriend and I were watching one of those shows the other night where a pet behavior expert came into a couple’s home to help them with the problems they were having with their cat. The couple had apparently been….hey, hey! I told you not to ask why.

Anyway, the guy in this couple had this look about him that either he smelled or was dipped in some kind of grease. He had one of those awful beards where it looked like, frankly, a bunch of pubes glued to his face. It gets better, because the part of a beard that would normally contain a moustache was nowhere to be seen. Just a line of unkempt hair going from one ear, down to his chin and back up to the other damn ear.

This kind of crap has always bothered the hell out of me and impressed me simultaneously. Impressed me because he managed to secure consistent female companionship looking like that and bothered me that he took such little effort in grooming himself.

You might think it’s cool, your friends might think it’s cool. However, even on the first date a chick is likely looking at you through the prism of how she will have to explain you to her parents. Even if you have a full on beard and that shit looks camera ready, you’ve got no issues. Clean shaven is always the best way to go on a first date because that gives the chick a true look at a completely blank slate.

Finding out what something looks like up front is generally not as fun as sitting and wondering what something would look like. If she sees you at first look with a full on Duck Dynasty beard, there’s no room for her to wonder. So, take and find yourself a good razor.

Ignore Your Phone


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While you may have to severely resist the temptation of checking your phone every fifteen seconds, it’s something that you are going to have to do if you want to survive even part of the evening with this chick? Why, the answer is very simple.

More often than not, these days our phones serve as distraction stations for us. Whenever we are bored for even the slightest of moments, we reach for the phone. We will check Facebook, we’ll check what the sports scores are or a million other things. Reaching for the phone during a conversation with anyone unless it’s specified as a direct emergency will look as if you are bored off your nut with this chick.

Also, despite your want to get laid on the first date; it’s not going to happen every time. One thing that women secretly know but never bother to have the heart to tell us is that they know they are one of a half dozen chicks we were talking to. They just happened to be the first ones that said yes. Another thing that checking your phone during a date tells a woman is that you are looking to secretly see if any of those other bitches you were talking to are trying to get with have agreed to go out with you if shit goes south with this chick. Which it will.

This one time, and this one time only I will recommend something to impress the hell out of this woman. Spend the first two or three minutes talking about your phone. Any longer will scare the woman. After that time is up, put the phone face down on the table. That way she sees how committed you are to getting to know her.

Order For Her


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This next one requires a little bit of memorization and some clever planning on your part. One thing that the woman is going to look for on a first date is a positive experience even if the two of you don’t seem to click romantically. So you’ve got to nudge her to the side of thinking you are as smooth as a wet bar of soap.

You already should know by now to take her to a place to eat that you already know has got good food that she will be happy with. Increase your odds by going to a place that doesn’t have an exhaustively large menu. Make like you’re not sure what to have and ask for a few minutes, after she has already said what she wanted. This whole time, you should have quickly decided on what you what since you know the place.

When it comes time to order, she’s going to be looking at you to see if you’ve made up your damn mind and look to you to order first. Surprise her by ordering for her before you say what you wanted. What this does, is it shows to the chick that you are going to be the type of guy that will take charge when she needs you to. It also shows that you’re one of those guys that actually listens, remembers and can recall stuff she has said to you several minutes later instead of having to pretend that your hearing is bad or something.

Ask Her Questions


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When you are getting to know a woman on a date, it should be of complete importance that you do everything in your power to make her comfortable. Remember guys, you’re basically two steps away from being some creepy stranger on the bus.

This means steering the conversation towards the shit that she wants to talk about. Make no mistake about it, every person likes to talk about themselves. It’s the reason we got so many goddamn people posting pictures of their dinner on the internet. Trust me people, nobody gives that much of a damn to sit up and wonder what your plate of clams looked like.

Anyway, if you are asking her questions about things she has done in the past or her favorite things currently it is going to allow her to open up and feel comfortable. This also shows that you are interested in her beyond the way she looks.

Don’t ask the type of private investigator questions that you would be asking somebody if they were under suspicion of murder or something. Just ask simple and open ended questions that let her steer the conversation.

One thing I would recommend is that even though you keep the questions light and comfortable, make sure that during a big section of the date the only talking you do is answering her questions. That way, she gets that thought in her head that you are some mysterious guy. Once she’s all pooped from giving out her life story, you’re in the clear to take the stage and begin to count your life story free from the guilt that you are monopolizing the conversation.

Opening Doors And Helping With Her Coat


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Basic courtesy goes a hell of a long way. For example, if you’ve got a doorman in the building you live in it stands to reason that if you’re nice to him that he might actually help you carry your big screen up to your apartment if the time ever comes.

Same thing goes with women. Despite all the girl power stuff you’ve heard over the past twenty or so years, in a few respects women like to be given the queen bee treatment. Where some guys look at a woman and think that she can figure her own damn way out of her coat, I look at it as an opportunity to score some points I can cash in later.

Think of the last time you took your coat off while it was snowing. You got snow all over your clothes. That may be one thing if it is some stuff that you were wearing at work, but think for a moment the clothing that some women wear on a first date. Some of them really go all out to impress, and will wear some stuff that no matter what the weather would be ruined the second they get a single thing on it.

You helping her with her coat is a small way of saying that you want to make life easier for this woman. The other is the opening of doors. It used to be that there was a time where a guy could almost get shot in the street by a group of his peers for not opening a door for a woman. If you want to know the reason why, it’s a matter of strength. Back in the days before central heating, places used to get colder than hell in the winter. To help protect against a draft, one of the things that people did in buildings was to install thick wooden doors. These doors were heavy as all hell. It would take a bit of an effort on the part of a lady to open it. So guys would do it as an act of kindness.

It’s not one of those things that’s entirely expected of us men anymore, which is the exact reason why you should bust it out whenever you can. Open every damn door you can until the woman says enough. Which probably won’t be for a long time, but that little extra effort will lead to second dates and beyond.



One thing that you absolutely have to remember when impressing a woman on a date is that every one of them is going to be a little bit different. However, just about every chick you see is hand delivered through nature a set of standards by which to judge their men. You make it past those, and you’re almost in the clear.

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