4 Characteristics Of Natural Attraction – Part 1

4 Characteristics Of Natural Attraction - Part 1

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One thing I truly believe in is that as a guy you want to become somebody who is attractive to women. Not one that attracts women, a train wreck can attract women. You want to be somebody that is attractive to them. You aren’t born attractive to women. You have to develop this ability.

There’s things that you have to understand in order to be attractive to ladies. Notably, there are four key characteristics that women look for when they are trying to find somebody that they consider attractive. We’re going to talk about them a bit and hopefully it will help you on your journey to getting that woman you want.

Being Masculine

Let’s face it, we live in a culture that has been by and large emasculated. Is it because of the feminist movement of the twentieth century?
Nope, this started a lot farther away than that. For this you have to look for the late 1700s to early 1800s. Now, what happened before this time period? Well, the man usually worked very close to the family, often in a shop or facility operated close to home. So if a man had sons, he often learned the manly art of things like shoeing horses or fixing wagons and things like that. Kids were around a masculine presence quite a bit.
Then came the Industrial Revolution. All of a sudden people were moving into large apartment buildings. Dad didn’t just go to the next room to go to work, he had to go to some factory across town where you didn’t see him for several hours of the day. So who did you pick up on most of your social cues from then? Mom.
Don’t get me wrong, you won’t find a bigger fan of the women that I. However, there’s just some things that women cannot teach you and one of them is how to be a man. It’s just not in their wiring. So instead of going and helping pop shoe the neighbor’s horse, little Johnny was helping mom hang the wash.
Now, what does this mean for you reading this hundreds of years after the Industrial Revolution and decades after the height of the feminist movement? It means that you are going to have a rough go of it if you haven’t really been exposed to the right people to teach you true masculinity. And all joking aside, you can’t learn how to be a man from watching Chuck Norris movies.
It’s one of those things that you have to learn over time and through a lot of hard work. A great deal of masculinity, at least the kind that women are attracted to; has a lot to do with being a standup guy. Not the type of guy that will pick a fight with somebody just because they can. It’s more along the lines of being the type of guy that will defend a woman’s honor even if it means you’ll stand a good chance of winding up in an emergency room.

Being Positive

think positive
Positivity is a big thing when it comes to naturally attracting women. Especially if you like the top shelf ladies that I hope all of you are going after. Going to be blunt about this for a second; women don’t like fucking sad sacks hanging around them. I’ve had relationships with girls that have deleted women they have been friends with for years off of their Facebooks just because they were moping around like Eyore from Winnie the Pooh. So what makes you think that you can come in fresh off the line looking like somebody shit in your cereal?
Women don’t want any unnecessary negativity in their lives. You’ll see them in clubs, even when they aren’t with a guy dancing like there’s no tomorrow. They do everything they can to not allow negativity in their world.
There’s a lot of theories as to why positivity is regarded so highly. I would liken positivity to being the emotional equal to a guy with big muscles. Woman looks at a guy that’s got muscles on top of his other muscles and thinks that he must be able to survive just because he’s strong.
On the other hand, you take a guy that’s truly positive and they think that guy is able to survive because anyone that is positive enough carries off the feeling that nothing bad has ever happened to them. Now, I was a card carrying pessimist for a long time and dwelt and almost drowned myself in negativity. But once I started acting more positive even when shit was getting me down, I started to notice that women were flocking around me at a higher ratio than before. The reason is that positive energy almost gives off a feeling of warmth that makes people want to be around you. Think of it this way. You’re in the middle of the woods, which would you rather sit around; a block of ice or a roaring fire?

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