4 Characteristics Of Natural Attraction – Part 2

4 Characteristics Of Natural Attraction - Part 2


confident guy
What does it mean to be confident? Well, it means that you have an unwavering belief in something or yourself. This is what happens when girls pull their little tests on you and you just flash a smile and pass them. Not because it’s attractive to ignore things, it’s just that it displays confidence. If a girl is talking about her favorite band, and you start changing the subject to your favorite movie the girl is going to think that you have to be really confident because you were so willing to just flip things on them.
Hot girls, like the type you see in magazines will test your ass all the time. I mean all the time. I started to realize I was on the right track when I hit a string of models. I started to come to the conclusion that they are going to do things to mess with your head a little bit.
Like one time, I was with this mind blowingly hot girl in a club. We were talking and things were going along fine. Out of nowhere, any positive attention she was sending my way came crashing to a halt like a runaway freight train. Nothing at all. Now this doesn’t mean that she’s going to walk away, she’s just doing a check on your confidence. She’s looking to see if you start losing your shit mentally over the sudden lack of attention or if you have enough confidence to know that the woman is just screwing with your head. Demonstrating that you are not going to be shaken by things because you have true belief in yourself is extremely attractive to women. It’s why there aren’t as many single firemen as you think. Women love the notion that a guy will willingly run INTO a burning building with the thought that he will make it out of there alive.
It goes further than that. Sometimes I will be out and I’ll just get the feeling that I can get a girl from the club to my place by the end of the night. I will say to myself over and over that I am going to sleep with this girl. More often than not it happens. Because there’s just something about confidence that sets the level of expectation and then everything else rides on the wave of those expectation.
Everything radiates confidently off of you and your chances are success are higher just because you give off the impression that you believe you are going to succeed.


Especially you younger guys, you need to really listen up on this one. Maturity is one of those things that comes with time. You can’t just all of a sudden start being mature. It just happens gradually or requires a quick and impactful life event to knock maturity into you. It’s why you see some twenty year olds that carry as more mature than guys in their forties.
I am quite obsessed with the whole nature of being a man and what it means. I’ve read countless books on the subject and every single one seems to say nearly the exact same thing about maturity. They all say that maturity comes when you make the shift from caring about your own well-being to caring about the well-being of others. Maturity is also sometimes referred to as being the protector of your loved ones. Once you become more mature and you care more about other people than you do yourself you naturally emit the vibes that say you are the protector of your loved ones. Making the switch to that mode where you care more about other people is a very attractive characteristic.
Give you a prime example. About four years ago I’ve got this friend that for the sake of his anonymity we’ll call Frank. Frank was the typical party guy who spared no opportunity to act like a juvenile asshole to be perfectly honest. Then he met up with this woman who had a son who was about eight years old and the dad was long out of the picture. Over time, the kid warmed up to him and as the three of them all moved in together he was saddled with more responsibilities than he had been used to up until that point.
Then one fateful day, the mom gets a call from the school saying that the boy had been in a small accident playing baseball. He got knocked in the head with a bat. Frank knew the kid was going to be fine but the mom was just hysterical. He drove them to the hospital and sat there for like fifteen hours while they had the kid under observation. He even offered to drive the mom back home so she could sleep.
The ending to this story is a sure sign that maturity pays off in dividends when it comes to women. The next night, after the kid had recovered enough to spend the night at a friend’s house; Frank received the most earth shaking sex he had ever gotten from any woman before or since. He asked her what brought that on, and she said it was such the calm mature way he handled such an emergency like what happened with the kid. She said that she wanted to jump on him from the moment they left the hospital.

If you keep what you just read in mind and try to use them in combination, your chances with women will greatly improve. The reasoning is simple. Women want a man that will run into a burning building if need be while at the same time have the positivity to truly believe that every situation is going to go their way. Stay positive and you’ll get the girl!Editor's Note: A Controversial New Video Is Showing Thousands Of Guys Around The World How To Get Laid On Facebook. Click Here To Learn 3 Facebook Seduction Tactics You Can Use TONIGHT.

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