4 Signs You Are Definitely With The Wrong Chick

Make no mistake about it men, every single one of us has something inside telling us to eventually find a woman and stay with that one until the day we die. However, there are a million things that can get in the way. It can be as simple as a belief in how much money it takes to properly live on or any other reason that can be thought of.

Also, it could be that you’re just with a chick that isn’t right for you. Face it, some of us stay with the wrong woman for no reason other than it’s better to us that being without a woman. That will eventually turn you into a soul crushed zombie. Here are some signs that your chick may be the wrong one for you.

She Doesn’t Make Future Plans With You


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I’m not exactly talking about plans for marriage here, but it is something that can definitely be lumped into the mix. If you’re with a chick that truly wants to be with you for a long haul, it stands to reason that she might come up with shit for you two to do where it’s just you, her and a shitload of strangers.

It could simply be something as simple as a gathering that involves her other friends. Take for example a situation I found myself in about ten years ago. I was with this chick for about three or four months, and Halloween came around. I would hear her on the phone talking about the Halloween party her and her friends were planning. Not once did she ever actually look at me and ask about whether or not I wanted to go. In other words, she was basically saying she wasn’t going to officially present me in front of her friends. We broke up in early November that year. It was actually a good thing if you can imagine it.

A trick to see if a chick is going to pull something like not committing to any future plans with you is to plan a vacation without her knowing. Doesn’t have to be any two week sailing trip around the Caribbean or something like that. Just could be a weekend trip out to the country. Set everything up for the normal time you two would be spending with each other anyway. Don’t tell her, and then spring the shit on her a couple of weeks before. If a woman wants to be with you, her ass will move heaven and earth to arrange it so she can go off to Niagara Falls or whatever you happened to have come up with.

The reason why this is such a big red flag you’re with the wrong woman is that if she doesn’t make a point to make plans or if she dodges plans that you two have come up with is that any sort of plan you come up with is a litmus test for when you pop the question eventually. If she’s wriggling out of some weekend getaway where the two of you are just going to be in a hotel room by yourselves for most of the weekend, then she’s going to head for the hills the moment you get down on one knee with some shit you got from Jared.

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She Doesn’t Show Affection


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A good couple that’s going to be together for a long time is one that is essentially coming close to having sex in public long after the ninety day return policy has expired. If the two of you aren’t practically pawing at each other, or at the least very publicly displaying your affection you’ve got problems.

Once again, the reason why this shows you are with the wrong woman is simple. She doesn’t want to let the world know that you are her man and not just some kind soul that’s going out to dinner with her. That’s not saying that she should always be ready to clear the table and get down with you every time the two of you are out in public. It just means that if you are the one that seems to be initiating public romantic contact, then she might have other future plans on her mind that do not include you.

If the two of you are walking down the street and if she doesn’t have the goddamn car keys in her hand there’s no good reason why she shouldn’t be reaching out to hold your hand for example. Oh, this stuff isn’t limited to physical shows of affection. About three or four years ago I was with this chick. We had been dating exclusively for about a month and a half. Not long enough to say that we were pinned down to each other but enough that you could bust out the girlfriend and boyfriend titles.

Time comes and we get invited by her parents to some aunt or uncle’s 25th wedding anniversary. After a three and a half hour car drive to where the party was going to be held, we get out and start making the rounds to all the family. I’m expecting at the very least some announcement to everyone she is saying hello to that “this is my boyfriend.” Only there was a problem.

She forgot the first half of boyfriend. For the entire day I was the friend that she was introducing people to. Now, I don’t know if she was planning to dump me the next week or if it was on the spur of the moment when she woke up one morning. I will say this, no friend will voluntarily drive three or four hours to some wedding anniversary.

So, if your woman looks like she’s holding back on you in the public affection department; chances are that she is saving up all of that stuff for somebody else.

She Is Nuts


wrong 3


Let me clarify for a second here. I’m not talking about her waking you up with a gun in your face and telling you that one morning the thing will be loaded. I’m talking slightly less criminal yet still completely ridiculous behavior.

Put it to you this way, every guy reading this has accidentally left their phone in their pants pocket on the bathroom floor when taking a shower. If a woman says nothing other than to not leave your phone in the shower because the steam will damage the phone, you’ve got a calm and rational chick on your hands. However, if you take that same exact situation and the chick starts going off on you about what kind of shit you are hiding from her; then you’ve got a double alarm batshit crazy emergency here.

The right woman should automatically assume that unless she is given overt evidence that you are hiding something from her than she should just rest easy in the belief that there’s nothing fishy going on. Otherwise, if you get a text at three in the morning from a relative that she hasn’t heard of yet and she goes off on you for twenty minutes asking who the whore that texted you was; run for the hills. This mountain of crazy is just going to get bigger.

Also, if she happens to bust out temper tantrums like a five year old that was just told the ice cream man isn’t coming that day; run. If you can’t run, I’ll come to your place and carry you on my goddamn back just to get you the hell out of there. If she pulls out any of the old emotional blackmail, like talking shit about you unless she gets what she wants you need to cut off ties from her as well.

The reason is that women that pull shit like this have a ton of emotional baggage that you are simply not going to be able to deal with. So if she seems like the type that will dump your IPhone in the garbage disposal just because unknown caller came up on the display, there’s no telling what her ass will do when something arises that you are really guilty of.

Acts Like She Hates Your Family


wrong 4


Listen, we all know that even though they may personally bug the ever longing shit out of us sometimes that our families may have been the only difference between us and sleeping on a park bench at one point. Not that extreme, but you get the picture.

If a woman wants to be with you in a long haul situation, she will want you to spend time with your family. After all, shit gets serious enough your family will in effect become her family as well. She’ll be calling your uncle “Uncle Frank” and shit like that. The type of woman that you should really be suspicious of in this regard is a chick that happens to come down with a cold every time your parents have a cookout planned. Or if she goes off on a wild tangent about you texting your brother back and forth for an hour after you get off of work.

Face it, unless she’s come to you with a good reason why; there’s no good reason why a woman wouldn’t want a man to spend time with his family. Part of it is due to the fact that some chicks want to be completely controlling of their men. Walk them around like pets and whatnot. If a chick completely cuts you off from your family and you have no contact with them. She becomes your entire support system emotionally.

The screwed up thing in all this is that if she successfully cuts you off from your family, it’s not like you’re going to have someone to go bitch about her when the two of you are fighting because she’s the only sounding board you got! Hell, I’ve had plenty of relationships and almost all of them the girl would practically gripe me down to the floor asking me when we were going to go hang out with my parents. If you’ve had a conversation in the past two weeks with your chick where she’s said how much she can’t stand your family, unless they’ve fired a bow and arrow into her chest she might be the wrong one for you.



People aren’t always going to be compatible with each other, and that’s ok. That’s what part of the sick fun of dating is; to find the right chick out there amongst the billions for you. If the woman you are with, no matter how long or short the length of time, is displaying any of the behaviors I have listed; it might be time to cut and run. I’ll be sending along a getaway car shortly.

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