4 Signs Your Woman’s Jealousy Is Too Much To Handle

As much you and the woman you are with might be into each other, there is something that can turn a good relationship into a keg of dynamite that is one errant move away from exploding in both of your faces. That’s jealousy.

It’s one thing entirely when the woman you are with for however long you two have been together gets pissed if she sees you openly and blatantly flirting with another woman. It is another thing entirely when she takes it to such an extreme to where you are walking on eggshells with her. Here are some signs that she is too jealous and why it might end up becoming harmful to the relationship.

Accuses You Of Flirting With Other Women


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Sometimes guys don’t even realize that they are doing it. They’ll be somewhere and start politely talking to a woman and for a brief moment in time the conversation will turn to something similar to when you were chatting up your girlfriend for the first time. A great deal of men in relationships will occasionally flirt, and they don’t even really mean to do it.

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Sometimes guys are just talking to be nice or to just be polite. A great deal of the time it has practically nothing to do with physical attraction. Sue us, but there are some cases where we are nice to a woman that’s not our significant other for no good reason.

Here’s why this can be harmful if your woman is taking her suspicions of you flirting a little too far. Despite her being the only woman for you, she’s not the only woman on Earth. Of course we’re not talking in the sense of only one available for procreation, just there’s a lot of women walking around. In case you haven’t noticed, they are everywhere. There’s one that works at the bank, there’s one where you work, even your waitress is probably a woman.

We’ve always been taught to try and treat everyone we meet with a basic level of kindness. If you have to tread lightly around every woman you come in contact with because anytime you say more than two words to one your lady is going to accuse you of wanting to have sex with her; it’s going to fluster the hell out of you.

Imagine you are at a restaurant and it comes time to pay the check and leave the tip. Not wanting to go through the trouble of breaking a bill you give the waitress a slightly larger tip than you normally would. Your girlfriend starts blistering your ass over the extra three dollars you gave the woman because you didn’t feel like getting change for a twenty. If she’s going to start a fight with you over giving a service employee an extra few bucks, what the hell else is she going to start with you over.

If you are legitimately flirting with women to a level that’s unacceptable, she’s got every right to bitch you out. In most cases, if you are just being polite and she starts giving you hell about it; that might be a bad sign of things to come.

Never Lets You Out Of Her Sight


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I had a girlfriend once that had a severe problem with this. After a few months into the relationship, she started staying at my place more and more. One day, we went into a convenience store to pick up a couple of things and the person behind the counter happened to be a woman as well.

On the way home she asks me how long she had been working at the place. I tell her probably six months. She jumped on that like white on rice. She begins asking me that if she and I hadn’t gotten together would I be trying to get with the convenience store chick.

From that moment on, and I can’t figure out why other than some massive insecurity; every time we had to get something from the store no matter how small the girl had to come with. I guess in her mind she had to make sure that I wasn’t out trying to fuck somebody else behind her back. Seriously, I couldn’t forget to buy Gatorade after a workout and have to go without getting hit with a list of questions about my true motives.

There are a couple of reasons why this is poison to a relationship. First of all, the simple principle of how can you miss somebody if they never go away? Even if it’s for five minutes, you have to have that time where you gotta run to the store or hang with the guys after work.

Secondly, is that it is a big sign that she doesn’t trust you. It’s going to force you to have to come up with some bullshit story that she’ll eventually see through just because you don’t want to have to keep proving yourself innocent of any wrongdoing. Most right thinking women know that when a guy suddenly sits up and says he forgot to buy paper towels that he legitimately forgot to buy paper towels. Doesn’t mean for a second that he’s trying to nail the cashier in the express lane of the grocery store.

Lastly, clinging slightly for the first reason is that everyone needs that few minutes out of the day that’s just theirs and nobody else’s. No matter how sound a relationship is, everyone needs that time to sit by themselves. You take that away from a relationship due to jealously and you will fall victim to the thought familiarity breeds contempt.

Monitors Your Every Move Online


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Personally, I am a very big advocate of the idea that if you are in a long term relationship with somebody that is headed towards marriage; you should at the very least merge your Facebook account. Seriously, once the two of you start taking vacations together it’s going to be pretty friggin strange to see the same sets of photos up on different Facebook pages.

That being said, there are times where a woman’s jealousy will invade this aspect of your life to an excruciating degree. If you’ve got separate pages for the time being and your woman starts giving you the third degree because you liked a post that somebody made about something any reasonable person would have given a thumbs up; shit is about to get dangerous.

This kind of woman is a woman that you don’t want to deal with. It’s the type of lady that will give you a major ration of shit for accidentally leaving your phone in your pants during a shower so she couldn’t check your text messages and see who you are hiding from her.

I had this happen to me once and it was just dreadful. I’m counting text messages in online activity for purposes of this exercise. About two years ago, I was with this girl and out of the blue I got a phone call from an ex-girlfriend. I very politely told her not to call again and that was that. Fast forward to two weeks later. I am lying on the couch while she is making dinner for us one night and my phone rings. She answers it for me and then I get this ration of shit from her.

She started asking me why “the whore” was calling and hanging up because she heard a woman answer his phone. I had no idea what the hell was going on. I call the number back and there was no answer. She wasn’t satisfied. We googled the phone number and that’s when it hit me that the number that had just called had the same area code as my ex’s. The number search said something about it being a number at a telemarketing bank.

Still this woman didn’t believe me. I actually had to call the phone company and get the operator to explain to my girlfriend that it was just a number with a similar area code.
eedless to say, our relationship didn’t last through dinner. The reason why this is so harmful is that provided you aren’t overtly trying to speak to other women with romantic intentions; having to constantly censor yourself is going to slowly remove the parts of you that make you who you are. If you happen to be a person that’s friendly and chatty with everyone then suddenly you have to cut that shit back because you don’t want to have to deal with the constant interrogation, you’re going to become a miserable bastard.

All Of Your Fights Stem From Her Jealousy


jealous 4


It’s human nature for even the most in love of couples to bump heads every now and then. The problem is when every fight starts because of something that has to do with her jealousy getting out of control. Whether she is pissed off that you told a story about your female boss being nice to you or you tipping the waitress a few bucks extra, there is a problem.

The reason why this is so harmful is because when two people fight about something, the shit better be big. It better be because you forgot to pay the electric bill or the bank is about to repossess your goddamn car. Not because you smiled and politely said goodbye to the woman at the bank.

If you’re in a relationship right now and the two of you seem to fight a lot, take a look at what the fights have been about. If they’ve been about things that two rational people would have an argument about the two of you can always work on that stuff. If the majority of your fights are you spending twenty minutes trying to defend why you accepted a woman’s friend request without telling her when it turns out it was your cousin or something like that, it might be a good idea to jump ship. One facet of fights that stem from jealousy that might be a hard indication that jealousy is what’s driving the argument is that after you have completely and totally proven her accusation to be false, she doesn’t apologize. If that doesn’t happen, that almost guarantees that she is pissed she couldn’t find something to nail you to a wall over.



Even though the two of you should be honest and forthright with each other at all times, nobody should have to feel like they are under deposition in a relationship where two people are supposed to trust and care about each other. It’s one thing for a woman to be jealous, but if it starts impacting your enjoyment of the relationship; it might be time to pack it in.

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