5 Rules To Texting A Girl – Part 2

5 Rules To Texting A Girl - Part 2

Don’t Try Too Hard


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If you’re trying too damn hard when you’re first starting out texting a woman, she will be able to spot your ass right away. The important thing to remember is to be yourself and to not go out of your way to say something that doesn’t sound like it would otherwise come out of your mouth just for the purposes of impressing her. The worst thing and what should be the most obvious facet of trying too hard is that women seem to be hard wired to detect that shit and can spot a guy doing from a mile away. In the dark. With a blindfold on.

Relax man, you’re supposed to be having fun and getting to know this woman. It isn’t a test. Trust me, the tests will come later. It isn’t a goddamn literary society essay contest either. You don’t have to send her an exceedingly long text. One or two quick sentences at a time will usually do the trick. As long as you’re making some kind of declarative statement or ensuring the conversation continues. Sometimes just adding the words “what do you think” or “are you sure” at the end of a text will take care of that for you.

And for Christ’s sake don’t try too hard to be funny. You know what; don’t try to be funny at all. If being funny is a gift that comes to you naturally by all means go for it. You’re supposed to be yourself, remember? But if you’re one of those guys that’s perpetually LOL’ing at THEIR OWN JOKES to show the woman you’re making a joke you should take a step back. Because you’re probably going to get hit with a giant swinging ax that the woman is going to bring out to cut you out of her life.

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And remember that the girl is nervous as hell too. The both of you are stuck in the unenviable position of trying to get to know somebody better. Just be yourself, and don’t worry about over trying to say the perfect thing.



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Alright, now we get down to the real meat and potatoes of getting a woman to possibly send you back that suggestive photo. If you flirt with a girl, done right it will not only make her want to keep talking to you but it will also give her a strong hint that you’re actually into her. However, you should flirt just enough to show that you’re interested, but not so much that you’ll be given a nudge by her that maybe you should back up a bit.

First thing is to be playful. I’ve seen it on countless television shows that bring up the subject of dating and women hate guys that are on too opposite a side of the serious/funny scale; whichever end of the spectrum it may be. Nobody likes a guy that takes himself too seriously.

And you’ve got to tease a little bit. Little word of caution here, don’t start teasing a person about something if you don’t know them that well. Wait until you’ve known each other a bit before you bust that one out. However, if you know her well enough give her a light teasing jab and wait for her to tease back. Just make sure that she can pick up on your tone from the message and that she knows you are joking. Some guys tend to be rather wild with their teasing and make it sound like they are really serious. If the woman has to sit and wonder if what you just said is a joke, than you may as well dump your phone in the river. Game is over with this woman.

And a well-placed emoticon is often a handy tool. However, don’t use them too often because they tend to carry a bit of a stigma with them amongst some people. But the right amount of flirting can get you into her good graces and her doing just about anything you want.

Make Her Miss You


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One thing that people, especially in the digital age have completely forgotten about women and relationships in general is the maxim of absence making the heart grow fonder. We have basically crippled ourselves into letting this come naturally. It used to be that you could talk to a woman, and then you’d have to wait until the two of you came home from work or whatever to communicate again. Now, that we’ve got this technology; the two of you can be figuratively up each other’s asses every minute of the day if you’ll pardon the expression.

That being said, if you’ve laid the groundwork and this woman is beginning to get into you; stop talking to her. Don’t cut off communication entirely, just for a short while. Like a day or so. Say you had to go take care of a sick relative. Tell them you had been having terrible cell reception. Make them wish that they were with you at that moment instead of clicking away at a phone’s keyboard. You make somebody miss you, and you’ve officially owned them. They will be so happy to hear from you they will practically do anything.


It’s a lot of standard common sense when it comes to texting women. Don’t come across as a goof unless that’s what drew her to you in the first place. You do things right, you’ll get her doing a hell of a lot more than just sending you little two sentence messages.

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