5 Step Guide To One Night Stands

Some guys and girls go out without any intention of getting into a relationship. I can totally understand how some people just want to have a good time. One night stands are not exactly a new thing. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, I’ll sum it up for you. It’s where you go through the whole process of meeting a girl and having sex with her all in one evening. No relationship required, no strings attached. Almost like a free Netflix trial.

But there are ways to go about it. Some guys can screw up a potential one night stand before it happens, or even after the sex is over. Here’s what you should do to make sure your one night stand stays that if that’s what you’re after.

The Right Approach


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Considering entirely that you’re trying to go from hello to sleeping with a chick in a span of a few hours, your first impression must be your absolute highest it can possibly be. That being said, leave your book of cheesy pickups lines and shitty jokes at home for right now. The key to a one night stand is confidence. If you don’t walk up to the woman knowing in your heart and believing that you are going to be sleeping with her by the end of the evening, you’re going to be making out with yourself in the back of the cab on the way home. You have to walk up to her like you’re a goddamn King Kong Giant Killer.

This also means making sure to ask the right questions that give the impression that you’re interested in the parts of her that are inside her body. Make the woman feel that you are exactly what she wants and make her almost squirm in her longing for it. The whole point of being in control of the situation means that eventually you will get her to ask to come back to her place for “coffee”.

Being completely frank about things is also going to go a long way in your endeavors. No kidding, but if you let her take control of things inside the club; there’s no way in hell she’s going to be anywhere near you once you walk out of it. Being honest with the girl can also save you a ton of unnecessary bullshit. If the girl seems to be leaning towards sex, give her the hint BEFORE you depart for more intimate surroundings what your intentions are. That way if what you are after isn’t her thing, you’ve given her an honest out.

Go To High Chance Locations


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We all know that it seems that the majority of one night stands tend to spawn from chance meetings in clubs and bars, but the problem is that the women know that too. They have figured out by now that a good portion of guys that they run across in clubs that aren’t there with a woman to begin with are basically looking for a chick to club and drag back to their cave for the evening.
So you might have to change things up every once in a while. You’ve probably seen the movie Wedding Crashers at one point or another. The story in part revolves around these two guys who constantly end up at weddings looking to get with women.

Although it may be a bit of trickery to use the location of a group celebration or gathering to pick up a woman for the evening, it’s actually very successful and clever one. The reason is that when somebody goes to a club or a bar, there’s a million possible reasons why that person could be there emotionally. You run into a chick at a club, and there’s a strong chance that she is in the middle of having the worst day of her life and is there solely to get drunker than hell. There’s always the chance of running into a sad chick at a club.

However, at a wedding, birthday party or other gathering there’s almost surefire chance that you’ll be given a level playing field when it comes to being given a fair shot at a one night stand. The reason is that when someone is at when a woman is at a wedding or a birthday party, their emotions are going to go into overdrive at some point. That in turn, leads to their hormones going into overdrive as well. The hormones then begin telling the rest of her body to find somebody to engage in a mating ritual with. You end up close enough to her when those signals get sent, you end up being the lucky winner.

Her Signs


People in a bar.


When going for a one night stand it is absolutely imperative to make sure you are properly reading a woman’s body language. The problem in this situation is that the woman will not tell you what she think about you. If she happens to think that you aren’t potential sexual partner material, you aren’t going to know it unless you read the little subconscious signals she is sending out.

Considering the fact that most women tend to enjoy the extra attention that you are going to give them, you can basically waste a whole night trying to peddle your wares at someone that doesn’t have the slightest bit of interest in actually going home with you at the end of the night.

That being said, if the woman is sitting close and her body is open to you; you are well on your way to your one night stand. If for some reason she seems reserved, closed off and she is leaning away from you; that’s some bad news. Ask yourself the following questions. Is she looking directly at you while you are talking? If she is, does she seem actually interested in what you are saying?

If the answers to those questions are yes, then you’ve got good signals coming at you that she is actually interested and not just humoring you. If she’s checking her text messages or looking around the room like she’s trying to find a fire exit to jump out of, that means she is probably bored out of her mind with your ass. Sorry.

Learn to pick up on common body language cues. The basic ones are generally going to be the same from woman to woman. Figure them out, and if you’re not getting the vibe that she’s down don’t waste your time.

High Chance Chicks


stand 4


If you’re one of those types that goes into a casino to actually win money instead of just pissing it away, you always want to go to the game that has the highest odds in the house. You don’t go for the slot machine, you go for blackjack or poker. The odds of you winning a jackpot at a slot machine by your skill alone are next to nothing.

My point is, you have to maximize every possible chance you have. If you are looking for a one night stand you should play things a little bit differently than you normally would in other circumstances. Instead of going straight towards the hottest chick in the room, try making a move on one of her friends that is nearly as attractive as she is. Given the fact that this group is nearly as attractive as the hottest one of the group, you’re still going to be going home with a girl that’s pretty hot.

Added to that, this will get the one that’s completely white hot wondering a little bit why you aren’t going directly for her. When the one you’re after sees you chatting up one of her girls that is a shade lower on the totem pole than her, she’ll feel all the more confident to want to try and close the deal with you; making your job that much easier.

Also, you can scan the club for potential candidates as girls who are more likely to be down for a one night stand tend to put in the extra effort to get themselves noticed. Make sure to look for the ones that are obviously out just to have some fun and looking around themselves for a guy that appears to be down. That means you.

The Grand Finale


stand 5


A woman once told me that it’s almost a death sentence to directly ask a girl if she wants to go back to your place while you are still at the club. What you need to do is ask to go do something simple like grab a bite to eat. What this does is give her the time to decide if you’re potential sex material or if she wants to cut and run before it is too late. Despite all of your hard work and her desire to want to get in bed with you; you’ve still got to make her comfortable with the idea.

Now, you’ve gotten past the trip to a diner at one in the morning. She’s giving you the heavy signals that she wants you then and there. Time to pay attention and be very careful. This may sound crass, but if all you are looking for is a one night stand do not EVER take her back to your place. Especially if you two aren’t on common ground as far as a one night stand goes, this is going to create a shitload of confusion and complications. Besides, what if she happens to be a late sleeper and takes forever to leave the next morning. Her place is going to make her much more comfortable and open to anything.

Make sure you start things from the moment you get in the door. There’s no point in wasting time, don’t rattle on about useless shit. Just get in there and get to it. When it comes time to actually get down, make sure you have protection before you get in the door. If you are on the way to her place and realize you don’t have anything, a simple stop at a gas station under the guise of needing a soda or Tylenol or something will always pose as a good act of subterfuge.

Keep the sexual activity to your standard, run of the mill routine. That means no weird shit with swings or spanking or any kinkiness unless she specifically asks for it. Remember, some girls tend to reserve that stuff for people they are in relationships with it. You start getting into that stuff and you may send her the wrong signals.

The next morning, don’t necessarily agree to anything but always leave the door open but take her number. Not doing so will make you look like a complete jerk and make her feel like she is being used. That and word spreads quickly about guys that women perceive to be assholes.



If you’re not into getting into a relationship but want to have sex on a given night, a one night stand under mutual ground between you and a chick can be fun. Just make sure to go by the guide you have just been given and you will do fine.

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