5 Steps to Talking To Bitchy Women – Part 1

5 Steps to Talking To Bitchy Women - Part 1

It’s no secret that not every girl you are going to run across on the dating scene is going to be a humble, girl next door type. In fact, some of them are going to come across as flat out bitchy.

Some of that may be a defense mechanism on their part. They may have gotten burnt bad by a guy in the past and are being bitchy just to protect themselves. Like everything else in life, there are more than two ways around women like this. If you want to learn how to turn these bitchy women into women who would jump into a fire pit for you, keep reading. I’m about to give you five good options for attack.

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The Douchebag Option

dbag option
Nice guys, more often than not finish last. There’s a lot of truth to that and the fact that women tend to go after someone that they think is a bad boy. It’s because they know that subconsciously that there’s only so much room in one relationship for people that will act like bitches and assholes. You get too many of those people in a room and there’s bound to be an implosion.
Douchebags are everywhere and on display everywhere you go. They’re the guys that are in the gym and walk up to a girl that’s on a treadmill that come up flexing their muscles asking the girl what she think. They’re also the guys that overdress for an occasion and start clowning on people because they think that everyone else is dressing like a damn bum.
To exercise this option to its fullest potential you really have to act like your shit doesn’t stink. You have to walk around with your nose so high in the air that you would drown if it started raining. If you spill something at a party or commit some kid of general party foul, act like that shit was somebody else’s fault. Act like the world revolves around you and if you weren’t on earth the shit would just stop spinning.
Before approaching a girl who you might consider a bitch, give her stares that say, who the hell do you think you are? Don’t give her stares that say, I want to get in your pants so bad. The trick to being a douchebag is hiding everything real about yourself. You have to pretend you don’t want her just as much as she’s pretending she doesn’t want you. You have to be as stuck up as her. You have to act as if you were an actor playing a role. And, you have to put your level of douchebaggery on the same level as her bitchiness.
Besides, if you do end up getting with this girl that’s acting like her shit doesn’t stink; chances are she’s acting a part just like you. So when you drop the bullshit and become mister sweetheart, it’ll look like you’ve grown as a person without doing a damn thing.

The Witty Option

guy being witty
This is the version that requires more intellect than looks. Like a douchebag, don’t act like you want her badly, but make her laugh. Pushing out your pecks won’t work if you choose to take this route. It will just make you look ridiculous. You have to make her laugh while not laughing along with her. You have to be sly about your approach. You’ve got to act like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, only you get your fill at the end of the story. The bitch in red doesn’t end up winning.
Being witty doesn’t usually start with a pickup line, it starts with an approach. You have to approach the girl in a way that is mysterious and enticing. You have to approach her like no guy has ever approached her before. For instance, if she is sitting on a couch and you notice her wine glass is nearly empty, approach her from behind, delicately smooth your hands over her arms and whisper in her ear, Let me get you another glass. After the approach comes the presentation. Staying with the example, when you come back, sit next to her. Hand her the glass and say cheers in a soft voice. You’ve got to sound sexy and masculine and be all the things she wants.
After your approach, you have to bring out your wittiness. Start talking about the people around you and making jokes about them. Criticize what they are wearing in a fun way – in a way a bitch can appreciate. The key is to appeal to what makes her a bitch. Make her laugh by using other people as material. Jokingly put down yourself in jokes and just as quickly build yourself back up with your wit. The wittiness option is an art. It is harder than the douchebag approach, but it doesn’t necessarily have to compromise your character and turn you into an asshole hunk.

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