5 Things Chicks Wish We Knew

Despite being a place dedicated towards the advancement of manly causes, we cannot solely go by our own advice as males. Every now and again we need to branch out and gain some knowledge directly from the female brain. Even the best of us stumble when it comes to dealing with women. Sometimes it is because of stuff we don’t know that women wish we would just figure the hell out.
So, with the aid of a female colleague we have put together a list of things women apparently wish we men would just figure the hell out already.

Don’t Try To Impress Them


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Hear us out on this one guys. We’re not talking not doing anything at all and expecting the women to flock to you like flies to a bug zapper. What we’re talking about is the stuff that is designed to impress that doesn’t come naturally. The manufactured shit that any woman can spot from a mile away.

The concept that cussing like a sailor, being able to take ten guys on in a bar fight and drinking like they are bringing back Prohibition the following morning doesn’t impress women one damn bit. Especially the drinking part. That one just makes a prospective date look at you and think of the mess that she’s gotta figure out how to get the hell up her stairs.

The key word in all of this is try. Don’t TRY to impress them. If someone about you could possibly impress them, let that shit happen naturally. If you’re one of those guys that works out and is very strong, don’t go talking about your muscles or how much you can bench or that shit. If you play it right she will find out eventually.

Women actually like to be surprised by us sometimes. Look at it this way. If you were walking into a movie theater about to buy your ticket and there was some asshole standing next to the ticket booth telling you the whole plot of the movie, would you give them your money? No, you’d turn around and walk the hell away. Don’t give away the whole store, because chances are what you are selling when you go out of your way to impress her she doesn’t want in the first place.

Don’t Kid With Them Too Much


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I would admit that a little lighthearted playing around and teasing is always good when you are talking to a girl is good and almost expected. However, you have to realize one important thing. This isn’t kindergarten anymore children.

Think back to when you were five years old and in kindergarten. What was the main way you communicated with the girls in your class? You teased the shit out of them. You pulled their hair, you said shit about their noses; just about anything you could. Not your fault, you honestly didn’t know any better. Well, now that you know that there are other preferred ways of communicating with women it’s time to scale that shit back.

It’s one thing if a girl spills her drink on the floor if you make some remark about saying that she’s going to have to do better if she wants to use the club for a swimming pool; it is another entirely if you start going with name calling. Especially if you are just getting to know a girl. You go into it with the idea that you are going to show you are such a playful guy by spending every minute of the conversation teasing her, she’s going to wonder how you are going to act once you’re done with the trying to impress her stage. Is he going to be nicer? Is he going to be worse? That’s a risk girls just don’t want to take.

You have to think about this when you are setting out to tease a woman, does she know you well enough to interpret the context you are saying it in? If she doesn’t really know you that well you might be saying something that is completely and honestly innocent teasing that she will interpret as you making fun of her to the point of potential embarrassment.

Another is the ratio of how often you bust out your teasing. If every single thing that you say is teasing, she’s going to think that you are just a mean son of a bitch instead of a guy that happens to bust out some wittiness every now and again.

Most Girls Don’t Care About Money


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For some guys rich and poor alike, there seems to be this odd assumption that women are only interested with guys that are loaded and sometimes preferably with heart trouble. It’s propagated a lot of the time by mainstream media that women want to just find the guy that’s got a ton of zeroes on his bank statement.

We’re not going to bullshit you here. With every other possible aspect being equal, there stands a good chance that a girl will pick a wealthy man over a guy at a homeless camp every day of the week and four times on Sunday.

However, just as guys are actually interested in more aspects of a woman that how nice her legs are or how big her breasts happen to be; your income doesn’t necessarily matter all that much to her. Sure, she doesn’t want to be with a guy that is constantly in danger of getting his electricity shut off. That doesn’t mean she isn’t going to fly the coop if you don’t buy her a six karat diamond ring every second Wednesday of the month.

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If you are a girl’s type, you are a girl’s type. She’s going to be interested in you regardless of your income level, provided you actually do have some kind of income level. Take for example this associate of mine that’s a multimillionaire. He does a lot of investing in several different areas. He’s been married to the same woman for about thirty years now. When they got married, he literally didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. Matter of fact, they were so broke the first couple of years that on their first wedding anniversary the only celebratory meal they could afford was a trip to a Wendy’s. They even had to split the ice cream cone at the end.

The point of all this is, even if you don’t have but one dime to your name a woman will make up her mind that she wants to be with you for a million other reasons than your lack of financial security. However, if you are a cheap bastard and can afford to spend a little and don’t; it’s your own goddamn fault if you end up alone.

If She Is Your Girlfriend, You’d Better Announce Her That Way


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In the late 1990’s, the legendary comedian Chris Rock performed a song on one of his albums titled Champagne Room where he dispensed sagely advice. One of those pearls of wisdom was that if a woman has been dating a man for more than three months and he hasn’t met any of his friends, said woman was not his girlfriend. Women know after a while whether or not they are your girlfriend or just some piece of ass that’s on standby.

Women want and rightfully so to be given certain honors that are due to them just as anyone else would. If you and a woman are at the point where the two of you are with each other exclusively you better act like it in word and deed lest you risk not having a girlfriend anymore.

Eventually you and your girl are going to get invited to a party where your friends don’t know of her existence. You’ve got two ways you can go, and one of them ends up with you driving off a damned cliff. When you introduce your girlfriend to new people, introduce her as your girlfriend. Don’t be an asshole and say, “this is Brenda”, or, “This is my friend Alice”. You don’t show that you aren’t willing to even whisper in a small group of people that this woman is your girlfriend she’s going to start wondering about what you think the status of your relationship is. And there’s no way to win that battle with a woman.

Keeping Secrets Is Akin To Cheating


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Look, when you enter into an exclusive relationship with a woman there are certain things that you just don’t do anymore. A lot of them have to do with being honest and forthright with her at all times. In a woman’s mind and rightfully so, if you are supposed to be serious about her and not wasting her time; this means also not talking with other girls in a manner that looks like you’re trying to fuck them as well.

Keeping secrets to a woman is like having sex with someone else in front of her. We’re not talking about certain things like you taking an extra five minutes getting home from work so you can stop by Dunkin Donuts to gorge yourself on a 25 pack of Munchkins in the parking lot. She can smell the donut on your breath anyway.

However, if you are going behind her back to talk with girls on Facebook; they damn well better be cousins or sisters of yours. Any other unreported contact with females that they don’t know about might as well be you cheating. The reason is that a relationship is more mental than it is physical. If you’re dedicating so much of your mental time to someone else that woman you’re supposed to be with is going to wonder what else you have in store.

Relationships are supposed to be built on trust, not the calculated omissions of particular unpleasant truths. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t want to have some guy talking up your woman behind your back. Don’t be an asshole and do it to her.

One good show of trust would be that the second you are in an exclusive relationship with somebody, merge your Facebooks together. That way, everything is out in the open and you don’t have to worry about proving yourself to anyone.



A great deal of this is common sense. Women want to be treated by guys the same way we want to be treated by them. Don’t go overboard with the teasing, be honest with your girl and don’t worry too much about your bank balance and things will be fine.

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