5 Ways To Conquer Rejection – Part 2

5 Ways To Conquer Rejection - Part 2

It’s Not You, It’s Them

not you it them
Some women don’t like short men. Some men don’t like women with curly hair. That’s their problem, not yours, so don’t waste your time trying to convince someone to change their mind because as unfortunate as it may be, some women have their set type and won’t deviate from it one iota.
We all have preferences and whether we admit it or not, these preferences can be quite shallow at times. Some women will pass over you even though you could have been a legitimate contender for love of her life because she didn’t like the way your nose looked.
It’s a pretty shitty situation I grant you that but you have to look at it this way. It’s not your loss, it’s theirs.
While you may be immediately thinking that you want to wish all kinds of non injuring harm to this woman, like her forgetting her purse in the cab that took her home; she’s actually missing out. Every guy, no matter how nerdy or meek they may seem has a list of some amazingly cool things about them. This is why when you are chatting with a girl at a party for example you tell her some cool things about yourself, but save the really cool shit for the first date. This way, the poor soul has no idea that she passed on what could have been an evening out with an amazing guy.
Don’t waste your time trying to convince someone to go out with you if it’s clear they’re not interested. Instead, move on and keep looking until you find someone who appreciates you exactly as you are.

Pick And Choose

being choosy
The easiest way to get over rejection, of course, is to avoid getting rejected in the first place. Before you decide to make your move, take a moment to calculate the potential risk. If you’re in a professional setting or out with friends who are already prone to giving you a hard time, it may be best to sit this round out and wait for a more opportune time.
Do some basic math too: are there three guys already talking to the amazing looking babe you had been spying on from across the room? My friends and I recently spent an entire morning observing six teenage boys who were vying for the attentions of a single girl in a local coffee shop. Granted, they were teenagers – they’re still learning the rules – but as an adult, you should know a thing or two about math. Six boys plus one girl equals five rather disappointed young men. Don’t let yourself be one of them.
If you don’t immediately go for the first woman you see, which is pretty damn hard in the context of a party where the alcohol is flowing and you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. But one thing you have to remember is that one of the reasons that snipers in the military have much higher accuracy rates than the boys in the infantry is because they take their time, scout their target and wait for the exact right time to strike. They don’t just randomly start firing at everything with a heartbeat.
Don’t forget: rejection is better than uncertainty (or spending months pining away for someone who doesn’t even know you exist). And the only shot you’re guaranteed not to make is the one you don’t take. So take a shot. It’s not going to kill you, and once you’ve recovered from the initial sting, you’ll be that much stronger for the next time.Editor's Note: A Controversial New Video Is Showing Thousands Of Guys Around The World How To Get Laid On Facebook. Click Here To Learn 3 Facebook Seduction Tactics You Can Use TONIGHT.

Know When To Cut Your Losses

cut your losses
Don’t whine. Don’t beg. If you’ve given it your best shot and the object of your affection has failed to realize what a brilliant catch you really are, say goodbye and make a dignified exit. Even if you’re angry, even if you’re humiliated, you need to hold your head high, at least until you’re back in the comfort of your own home. Then, by all means: bring on the ice cream, the name calling, even the tears if need be, but do it in private.
I once met a rather handsome Danish man at a nightclub in Copenhagen. He asked me to dance and after a few songs, I asked her if she wanted to go home with me. She said no, which wasn’t exactly a surprise since once night stands have never exactly been my forte and instead of making me waste my time trying to convince her, she simply shook my hand, thanked me for dancing with her and said “Well, it was nice meeting you but I don’t want to feel like I am wasting time so I’m going to talk to someone else”.
Seriously now, what the hell was that supposed to mean? This will happen a lot of times when you’ve been chatting to a girl and the conversation has gone on for about fifty minutes or so. You’ve actually bought her the second drink that should have at least secured you dinner three days later. But instead of sitting there completely steamed about the whole deal; look at it this way.
If a girl has engaged you in conversation long enough to where you’ve gotten into the double digits buying drinks for her and gives you the polite version of telling you to piss off, think of it as a positive. The girl was going to be wasting your time in some regard eventually. At least you got out of what would have eventually been an emotional situation with only a few dollars lost.
Sure, you could have spent that time chatting up several other girls. At least you only got one rejection instead of several.
Sometimes only getting told no one time is a hell of a lot better for a man’s psyche than being told no every ten minutes for the entire evening.



It’s all about confidence guys. It never has a single thing to do with you getting it right the first time. Nobody gets it right the first time. You’re never going to be perfect. Not even you, guy who thinks he is perfect. You’re going to get rejected too.

The key is to have the confidence in yourself that you are going to eventually get things right. Remember the following. It’s not how many times you get knocked down; but how many times you get up after you’ve been knocked down.


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