5 Ways To Pass A Woman’s Tests – Part 2

5 Ways To Pass A Woman's - Part 2

Agree And Amplify

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This next one tends to apply to tests where questions about moral issues or ideological values get brought up. Sometimes you can get around a shit test just by agreeing with whatever she is saying.

It’s the same way that guys that have been married for decades will look at their wives whenever they say something and almost robotically answer with a “yes dear”. They know they are going to catch a little bit of hell for sounding like they aren’t listening. Like I said earlier, it’s a lot easier than having to deal with getting the answer wrong on a shit test.

As I stated, agreeing and amplifying usually works best with questions of ideology or belief of state. For example, the two of you might be in a club or restaurant somewhere. You’re midway through dinner and she looks up at the waitress to order another drink and she gives her a good looking over. She sees absolutely nothing wrong with her appearance. The girl may in fact, be quite attractive.

Your woman will look at you and ask if you think she’s ugly. Now, before you start worrying about disparaging the poor waitress’s feelings in front of your woman; remember the master you are serving here. Your relationship with the waitress lasts as long as you’re in the dining establishment. You want to be with your woman for as long as possible. So even if you think that the waitress is hotter than a two dollar pistol, look at your woman and tell her that you think she’s ugly too.

By taking and agreeing with what her stance on the topic appears to be and perhaps even more vehemently expressing the same sentiment that she is, it takes the bullets out of her gun. She’s the one that brought up the subject that she was ugly. She’s looking to look like a real asshole for getting mad at you for agreeing with her.



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Pass the buck. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get through or pass a woman’s shit test. We’ll use the example of the attractive woman being presented in front of you. Deflecting the answer and giving in indirect response is sometimes all it takes to change a shit test into part of the conversation.

So, back again to this attractive woman. She’s asking you about this woman because she wants to see if she can catch you giving her a line of shit. So you have to blur the line a little bit. If she asks you a question about whether a woman is attractive or not, the best answer to give is “kind of.”

By giving a kind of, you open yourself up for other ways that you can make her bullets bounce off of you. If you don’t give a declarative, one hundred percent answer to a test question; she can’t give you a definitely passing or failing grade. So you’ve got to deflect by giving qualifiers.

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She asks you the question, say something like she would be if she did something about her hair. That will in turn getting her looking for something about her she doesn’t find particularly attractive about the girl. She might upon hearing of your displeasure at the woman’s hair, talk about how she really needs to do something about her ass. Then you’re in the clear because you’ve answered in sort of the way she wants you to answer while at the same time protecting yourself.

Don’t Appear Offended


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It’s no secret that women give us guys these bullshit little tests to find out information about us. They want to know how we tick and what we’re really about. Or at least what they think we’re really about. Most of the time, when they ask us these garbage shit test questions they are trying to lead us on to a particular answer. It’s insulting to our intelligence that they would try to trick us.

But you can’t let onto that fact. You can never, ever let a woman even think that you are upset about a question she asks. Because if she asks you a question and you appear to get all spun out about having to answer, she’s going to take that as a guy that’s got stuff to hide! And guess what, if she thinks you got stuff to hide when she’s asking you something simple she is never going to get over that whole trusting you issue.

So you have to take all of these tests in stride. Take getting hit with them like water off a duck’s back. Figure out ways around them; turn the tables on the girl. But don’t ever express the fact that you’re upset. Think of it as playing poker. You wouldn’t let the guy across the table know what your cards are would you?


Shit tests are a fact of life. We get them from everyone, from our bosses, our parents and especially our women. The rest we don’t really care about, because we aren’t trying to have sex with our bosses and parents. However, you take heed of the advice I’ve given and you will come out of a shit test smelling like a rose.


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