Pickup Lines: Not As Lame As You Think! – Part 2

Pickup Lines Not As Lame As You Think! - Part 2

They Show You Are Willing To Make a Fool Of Yourself

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Piggybacking for a second on my previous point, just as pickup lines show you have a sense of humor they also show another important side that will come in handy when you are trying to win the affections of that woman you’ve been salivating at from across the room.
Almost every single time you use a pickup line you are going to be laughed at. Whether you were intending the laugh to come it is just a fundamental law of physics, right next to gravity and the space time continuum; it’s going to come. If may not be from the fact that the girl thought it was funny. Like I said earlier, most of the time you aren’t going to be telling a good joke.
You’re going to be looking like a fool. Add to that, you’re going to be looking like a complete buffoon in front of a woman you’re not only trying to impress; but actually intent on having sex with! This would be the part where the unlearned of you would be panicking. Don’t worry, things aren’t so bad.
The truth is, a good number of woman want a guy that is not only willing to be silly, but make a downright fool of himself. Every group of friends always has that one that can step up and be the clown of the bunch. If you can mix that with being serious when it’s necessary, you stand a good chance of walking home with whatever girl you choose.

You Can Show Your Originality

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One of the biggest problems that guys have with the prospect of using pickup lines is that they are going to be rejected for either their lack of confidence or they aren’t willing to make a fool of themselves for the sake of establishing a connection.
Another way in which they are good to use, a lot better than some would have you believe is that you get to show your originality. Allow me to set the scene. You walk up to a girl and you say hello. Almost immediately you bust out a pickup line. She gives a halfhearted chuckle. Provided you haven’t been pushed to the floor for coming off like an ass to her, she gives you another chance.
She looks at you and says that she’ll give you a second chance. She tells you that she wants you to come up with a pickup line on the spot and she’ll tell you if it’s funny. This is a great chance to show your originality. Because even if the damn thing isn’t funny and she sits there stone faced for a few seconds, at least she knows that you can think on your feet.
Pickup lines, believe it or not can often be looked at as a preview of what to expect out of a guy further along in a relationship. Not from a humor standpoint, but from a planning standpoint. A good pickup line delivered off the top of your head when solicited can show a woman that if things go further along you can plan a good night out on the fly if things go wrong. It can also show that if you need to find a quick gift and are short on time that you’ll know what to get. So a pickup line is a subconscious statement to the woman that you can step up and plan things in a hurry if it’s ever needed.
One of the best pickup lines I ever saw that continually worked wasn’t even really a line. This may not work for you but it may give you some ideas. There was this guy I used to see in a bar every day for about a year. He would sit at the bar watching the television and occasionally scanning the room for available females.
He would seemingly always end up leaving the bar with some woman. You know what his trick was? He would wear two differently colored cowboy boots. One black and one red. He later told me that he has hooked up with more women that before he thought of this idea. He said that without saying a word, the women would come up to him and ask him what the deal was with the boots. Not saying any of you should wear mismatched shoes, but it goes to show that originality works!

Sometimes They Actually Work

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You hear stories about this all of the time. Television and movies are inundated with guys trying pick up lines on women and getting kicked in the groin. Some even have the woman’s drink get spilled on them.
The reason why, other than the fact that they are scripted to be complete screw-ups; is that they are acting based on a stereotype. They aren’t engaging in any thinking that allows for any deviation from a plan. You being a living breathing human being, operate on the law of averages. That means that no matter what you do, no matter how many times you screw up; eventually you will get it right.
You have to keep trying. Sure, now you may have just gotten kneed in the balls by some woman that thought your pickup line was tantamount to verbalized sexual assault. Eventually you are going to stumble into that right woman that will think that dreadful sex pun is either the funniest thing she’s heard all week. At the very least she’ll admire your originality.
So yeah, sometimes they actually work. But it takes the right type of dedication to get them to work. If you’re going to go the route of using pickup lines, you have to stick at it. If you get rejected for using one once and quit, you’ll never know what ones actually work.
So keep your chin up and keep trying. Remember, practice makes perfect.


In closing, some of you might be scared out of your wits to use a pickup line. I saw that you guys really need to think long and hard about all the sex you’re not having because you were too scared to take a chance. It’s just like playing the lottery. Sure, you are probably going to be spending a lot of time, effort and money on something that may not be a sure thing. However, if you don’t play, you have no chance of winning.

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