The 5 Point Manly Guide To Muscle Building

Every guy wants to build some kind of muscle right? From a distance, it’s the only way some people realize that they shouldn’t screw with you. However, there are some that simply don’t know where the hell to start. Fear not, because in this article we are going to tackle this issue and give you a few good ways to help you become a mountain of muscle.



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Eating properly is about the most important thing when it comes to building muscle. Remember, you have to give yourself a bit more per day than your body normally needs. Start reading those little labels on the side of what you are putting into your body to get a sense of how much you are putting into your body calorically. Then, add a few hundred to the number. You’ll see a pattern here with putting a little more on than you think you can handle. A good rule of thumb is to eat at least one gram of protein per pound you weigh. You can’t build muscle without protein, so put down the potato chips!

Once you get into a good workout routine, be sure to eat several times a day. If you are seriously trying to build muscle you have to look at it from this perspective. A fire will only get as hot as the amount of wood you put into it. So even if it’s smaller meals, be sure to eat at least four or five times a day.

Get Big, Get Strong


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There’s no two ways around this. If you keep lifting then ten pound dumbbells you are only going to get as strong as a guy that can lift ten pound dumbbells. Sure, that type of stuff might be good for toning muscle but it doesn’t exactly do a whole hell of a lot in the actual muscle building department.

You’ve got to always be pushing yourself. You’ve got to always try to do one more. For example, if you are doing a workout routine where you do fifty push-ups; you always have to throw some more in. My advice on this would be to go into something called progressive overload.

Progressive overload is the idea that every time you work out try to add a little bit more weight or another extra rep. You don’t have to be Mark Henry on the first day, so don’t worry about going from ten pounds to whole refrigerators in one swoop. Start off small, an extra five pounds at a time until whatever weight you are pulling becomes a little less strenuous. Then add onto it.

Compound Lifts And Bodyweight


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You know the old expression than people say where they have muscles in places where they didn’t know they had places? This is the point here.

You’re never going to build a serous amount of muscle by going with a workout that’s made up of exercises using machines and isolation movements. You’ve got to go full manly and do squats, deadlifts and presses.

Exercises like that need to be complimented by an equal amount of bodyweight exercises like pull ups and simple free squats. The mixing of these types of exercises will give you an athletic, muscular body that any guy would be proud of. One exercise that I like to do from time to time when it comes to muscle building is lifting cinder blocks. Seriously. I have a couple left over from a recent addition onto my home. What I will do is grab them by one side and lift them to chest level. I’m not recommending cinder blocks if you live in a one bedroom apartment, but there seems to be a particular set of muscles that get built up by lifting leftover construction equipment.

Train With Passion


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Look, if you are serious about building muscle you cannot be one of these guys that goes to the gym once a week and runs a treadmill for twenty minutes, does five pushups and goes home. You have to dedicate yourself to this like boxers train for a title fight.

You have to love the idea of going to the gym. You have to change your way of thinking around. Instead of saying to yourself that after work you have to go to the gym, change it to you get to go to the gym! This workout is something you are doing to reward yourself. If you are going to just go through the motions and mail your workout in don’t even waste your time.

The people who are successful when it comes to packing on muscle are the ones that really love what they are doing. They are the ones that will bust their asses when they get to the gym and make specific goals for what they want to do.

No one workout routine is going to yield the same results for everyone. If you feel like something isn’t working for you change it up. If it doesn’t seem like fun, try to find another way of doing the same thing.

Limit Cardio


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One of the things that people tend to fail to realize when it comes to muscle building is that doing excess cardio can be a detriment. Remember, the more you are moving around the more calories you are going to burn.

Doesn’t mean you have to stop doing it entirely. If you are on a muscle building routine, you can do light jogging a couple of times per week. But you better keep that time short and not act like you are training for a marathon. Remember, you want to transfer those calories into muscle. Not piss or sweat them away.


The results are going to be slightly different for everyone. However, if you stick to some of these basic principles you will become a mountain of muscle in no time.

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