Wingman Wayne’s 7 Step Guide To Approaching A Girl – Part 1

Wingman Wayne’s 7 Step Guide To Approaching A Girl - Part 1

Now I know that approaching a woman in public for some of you can be rather difficult. You don’t have the years of trial and error that a guy like me can draw experience from. I wasn’t born a wingman overnight, I had to become one.
Me, I wasn’t born a muscle bound clod like Mike. I can’t just walk up and start doing push ups to impress a chick. Not that this would really impress her in the first place. Any guy that will do push ups on the floor of a club could get mistaken as crazy. Not that I would call Mike crazy. Big dumb bastard could break me in half. It’s for reasons like this that I’ve had to be a little stealthier with my game.
However, approaching a woman in a public place isn’t all that hard. As long as you respect your boundaries you don’t have to come off as some jerk that’s just looking to get laid. Even though that may be the case. Remember, perception is ninety percent of reality. Take this guide and use it well, you’ll be getting over that nervousness in no time.

Get Out In Public


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get out in public
The only way that you’re ever going to fly and soar with the eagles is if you get out there in the first place. The first thing about approaching women is to do it in the right location. I find that the best method for approaching women is to do it in a public place where there are lots of people.
Let’s say you come up to some chick at an empty bus stop. She’s not going to say a single word to you because you are going to look like some lech that picks up chicks at the bus stop. That and she doesn’t have an escape route.
By escape route, I mean in the rare event that this chick isn’t digging your vibe a path she can take to getting the hell out of there. At least in a packed room she can look around to her friends to get her out of the jam she’s stuck into by talking to you.
The best public places are generally coffee shops. I find coffee shops to be the best because they are generally happening places most of the day. You’ve got people coming and going which leaves more chances for potential conversation. That and no coffee shop I ever know of has ever served alcohol. Women are very wary of meeting new guys that they aren’t sure of their intentions. The fact that alcohol is served at a place compounds this by making the chick think you’re going to try and get her drunk and have sex with her in your car.
The best relationships are always started among people that have a common interest. That’s why if you’re into say comic books or something like that, go hang out at the comic book store or one of those comic conventions they are always having. I’ve never been to one because I don’t look that great in spandex. However, people that have gone to them that talk to me have said they are great places to pick up women because the fact that everyone is there due to a common interest is always a great conversation starter. And everyone is in a good mood to begin with.
Bars and clubs aren’t necessarily bad places, but the degree of difficulty is higher. First of all, not every girl there wants some guy walking up to them to talk. Besides, those places are noisy as hell. This is why guys need wingmen like me in bars more often than some place quieter. The degree of difficulty is higher. But that notwithstanding, get yourself out where people are.

Make Eye Contact With Women


eye contact
If you see girl that you just get that burning desire that you know you want to meet, make eye contact with her before talking to her. If you’ve caught her eye, keep that eye contact focused like a high powered laser beam. And for God’s sake, when you look at her look at her! Don’t act like she’s in the way of something you’re trying to see. Lock onto her like that laser beam gentlemen!
Now, if you make repeated eye contact with a woman, it is usually a sign that she wants you to come over and say hello. I’ve come to figure that if a woman gives you three separate glances it means she’s interested. Why is this? I’ve tried to scientifically deduce this over the years and the only thing I can really come up with is that if somebody does the same thing three times than it wasn’t an accident.
What is it though about the eyes of another human being that is so damned powerful? I’ve read studies on this that pretty much say that eye contact activates that little part of our brain that distributes the same good feelings when we get rewarded for doing something good. In other words, our bodies are telling us that that woman staring at us from across the room is cause for us to jump up and start throwing confetti in the air.
Smiling is also another part of eye contact. If you sit stone faced while you are making eye contact, the woman is going to wonder when you’re going to pull the giant knife out of your back pocket. So smile at her while making eye contact. If she smiles back that’s another sign that the woman might be interested in talking to you.

Check Out Her Body Language


body language
Probably the most important thing aside from actually walking up and starting to talk to the girl is to properly gauge her body language. People don’t realize it often enough but body language says more than any verbal gesture could. Think about it, people for thousands of years were able to communicate with each other without uttering a single word.
Some key things to consider when scoping out this woman’s body language are if she is facing away from you. Does she have her ear buds in and going at it ferociously on her laptop trying to finish some report that could be the difference between a promotion and being fired? Does she generally look like she is going to cut out the tongue of the first guy that tries to say hello to her?
If you pick up on subtle things like a flick of the wrist or even the way she is holding her head while she’s reading a book; you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly whether or not she’s in the mood to deal with you. If she isn’t, take note of that. If you happen to know she’s a regular where you ran into her at, chances are you’ll see her again when she’s in a better mood. That usually leads to a good conversation starter by asking her if whatever was bothering her before is still bothering her.
It’s not talked about enough but women have behaviors of their own that they put out there when they are trying to get with a guy. Yep, they are trying to do the same thing we are. When you are talking to her take stock of whether or not she is showing a bit more cleavage then other women you’ve talked to. Oh, another big red flag that a woman is ready to hop in a cab and go home with you if she is stroking her wine glass with her thumb and forefinger. Take a wild guess that that one means!


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