Wingman Wayne’s 7 Step Guide To Approaching A Girl – Part 2

Wingman Wayne’s 7 Step Guide To Approaching A Girl - Part 2

Approach The Girl


Just dive right in and walk up to her. Start with a simple ice breaker like asking her a question about your mutual surroundings. If she’s reading a book ask her if it’s any good. Perhaps the two of you are sitting at the bus station and you ask her some question about the bus schedule. Anything.

If she doesn’t seem like she’s interested in talking to you, leave her alone. Trying to continue on will only cause ill feelings. There’s a lot of different ways to know if a woman doesn’t want to talk. If she isn’t making eye contact of if she is answering your questions with one or two word answers it’s usually a good sign that she just doesn’t want to deal with you.

If she is interested in you, she will make eye contact with you with almost laser like precision, smiling and leaning in closer like she’s trying to bring you in with her tractor beam.

One good situation where it’s always good to approach a girl is when she’s sitting at a table with other girls. That way they feel safe and comfortable. In their minds, you’re an easier decision to go and talk to because at least a couple other people know what you look like in case she doesn’t come back soon enough.

Start A Conversation

People, at least ones that have trouble with women seem to think that there’s some kind of ancient secret to properly conversing with a woman. It’s not that damn hard at all.

The first big step to making things easier for you in this department is to notice something interesting about her. Everyone is unique and will generally have something special about them that other people don’t. Most women wear earrings and a bunch of them actually make their own stuff to wear. You see something on a woman that you haven’t seen before ask her if she made it.

Always go forth with compliments. Back to those earrings for a moment, nothing has ever gotten me more phone numbers from women than by saying their earrings matches their eyes. It’s a very subtle way of telling her that you find her attractive without beating her over the head with it. Too obvious a compliment and she’ll see right through you.

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If you two are in a book store or something, ask her what her favorite book is. Hell, don’t limit it to just books and earrings. Ask her what her favorite anything is. Doesn’t matter if it’s time of day, favorite Thursday in September, anything! You get a woman talking to you, as long as you look like you are listening you will have her hook line and sinker.

Make Plans

plan a date
Now, if she seems interested after the two of you have talked for a while it doesn’t hurt to ask her if she wants to do something with you sometime. One trick that I’ve seen that works is to give her all my contact info and not ask for hers. Not one shred. What that does is give her the impression of power by making her think she is calling the shots by making the call on when and where to go; when all that’s really happened is I’ve dangled a carrot in front of her.

Or you could just ask her up front to take her to go to coffee. Always let her choose the place to do. Always let them feel like they are in control and you will really be the one pulling the strings.

Be Respectful

Most importantly, if a chick is clearly not interested back off. There’s always somebody else out there for you if she isn’t interested. It’s her loss to begin with.


Before I wrap for the time being, I know that some of you might be really shy guys. But if you take what I have said here and use it to minimize your shyness, you may not get through the door; but you will certainly get your foot in it.


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