Wingman Wayne’s 7 Step Guide To Ending A Relationship – Part 1

Wingman Wayne’s 7 Step Guide To Ending A Relationship - Part 1

There’s times where being in a relationship is quite possibly the greatest thing in the world. For a few months or however long you might think that everything is going along smoothly. However, there might come a time where you realize that the girl on the other side of the table isn’t somebody that you want to be with anymore.

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Me, when I want out of a relationship I treat the woman the way I would my dear grandmother. You want to explain yourself clearly and be as nice as possible. You don’t want to be too mean or that will screw things up in the future. A clod like Mike is like that. He’ll just call the girl and tell her that he’s cancelling their date on Friday and then never speak to her again.

But you don’t want your stock to go down with the other women. You instigate a bad breakup and it will trickle down to the others, poisoning the well. You want to do things smoothly, like me. Here’s Wingman Wayne’s guide to end a relationship.

Explain Yourself

break 1
If you’re going to break things off with a woman, it’s a pretty good idea that you have a damn good explanation as to why. Women want information and they want to know why so they can feel in their minds whether or not it was you that did something wrong. Doesn’t matter if you actually did, they just want to know in their minds.
It’s never good to leave somebody hanging. However long or short it was, I always gave a woman that I had been with the respect of explaining why. Some guys that think that they can get any woman they want without any work will have another woman lined up before breaking up with the one they are with.
That’s just disrespectful and the chick will almost look at it as you cheating on her. So give your reasons why and don’t beat around the bush. As smooth a guy as I think I am, I know that women can see through my bullshit.

So to put it in a practical sense, give your reasons why. You can’t just say because like you’re a little kid.

Be Honest

break 2
Part of explaining yourself stems from the all-around best policy of just being honest with people. If you are set on breaking up with your lady, don’t give her excuses that are far off of the truth. Excuses only complicate the situation as it stands as far as the future goes with the two of you.
Believe it or not, one of our own staff actually came to me with this problem. Yes, the great and powerful Manly Mike once had to lower himself to asking good ol’ Wayne what to do. I still give him hell about it to this day.
His situation was like this. Being a gym rat, he met this girl in the gym. They got on pretty good and would go to the gym with each other all the time. He would secretly tell me at the office after a few months that she was becoming too clingy for his Royal Manliness.
So he was getting ready to tell her that he wanted to break things off and you’ll never guess what his foolproof plan was. To tell her that he needed more time to work on his bodybuilding and that he couldn’t do it with her around.
I almost had to get a net and a tranquilizer dart out to stop him. I had to sit him down and tell him, really slowly mind you, what a dumb idea that was. He was going to tell a girl that he met at the gym he was breaking things off because he wanted to spend more time at the gym. God, I could hear the alarm whistles from the woman’s bullshit detector already going off on this one.
I told him that the best thing to do, as odd as it may have seemed to him, was to be up front with the woman. Tell her that he was feeling a little constricted and that he needed some more time to just be him. No matter whether the woman was a pain that talked your ear off or wanted to follow you around like a little puppy and that just wasn’t your scene; you owe it to her to tell her. People learn from their mistakes and if you bullshit her on the mistake she made that led you to this decision, then you’re just acting selfish and not helping her at all.

Be Direct

break 3
If you’re going to break things off with somebody, or planning to; don’t screw with their emotions. If you play with somebody’s emotions it is just going to make them almost vengefully upset at you. And besides, you don’t exactly make the snap decision to break up with somebody. You usually have that stuff in mind for a couple of weeks.
Don’t be one of those guys that plans some wonderful getaway for the two of you and break up with her after. It’s just going to send a mixed signal to her and is really going to screw with her mentally.

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