Wingman Wayne’s 7 Step Guide To Ending A Relationship – Part 2

Wingman Wayne’s 7 Step Guide To Ending A Relationship - Part 2

Be Firm

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If you no longer have feeling for somebody you need to be completely upfront and tell them. Don’t be a complete tool about how you say it but be completely firm with your position. Be kind, but don’t be too kind. Being too nice about the breakup will give a woman false hope that you are leaving the door open to get back together at some point.

Be Clear

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One thing I’ve realized with expressing yourself and getting people to understand fully what you are saying even if they don’t agree is the power of clarity. If you are going to be breaking up with your woman, tell her and then clearly state your reasons. Don’t hem and haw and beat around the bush. If you have to, make a list and say why. A list of things that’s put together will at least say to the woman that this is something that you have thought about for a while and it isn’t a snap decision.
And for Christ’s sake don’t make a joke about it. Don’t sit there grinning like an idiot. Look at it this way. Say she was breaking up with you, would you like it if she was making light of what was to be an extremely emotional situation for you? No, you’d hate her for the rest of your life.
The object here is to say your peace and then move on. Not to piss the woman off. Remember, you don’t want that well poisoned.Editor's Note: A Controversial New Video Is Showing Thousands Of Guys Around The World How To Get Laid On Facebook. Click Here To Learn 3 Facebook Seduction Tactics You Can Use TONIGHT.

Don’t Give False Hope

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While you are planning this whole thing, make sure you try to avoid using any phrases that give the indication that you are leaving the door open for the two of you possibly getting back together. This isn’t a movie cadets, people don’t break up and get back together as often as you think. Feelings are going to get hurt just because of the breakup itself. There’s no sense in risking more hurt feelings by giving the woman the idea that the two of you can get back together after taking a break.
Don’t say things like there’s always next year or about how if things change you can try again. Look at it this way, how many people quit a job and then return to that same job again? They don’t. They just goddamn don’t.
Shirking the difficultly awkward job of going through with the breakup by giving false hope means that you really haven’t broken up. The two of you are still sort of beholding to each other. Either you break things off completely or the two of you are still together. So guess what that means people? If you spent a couple hundred on some concert tickets months before and then decided to break up with her two weeks before; you’re not going to the concert with her. It might be a gesture of friendliness to give her the tickets and tell her that she can go with a friend or something, but don’t plan to hang out with her afterwards.
In my younger days before I became the commandant of the Wingman Corps, I made this mistake and it caused nothing but agony for me and the chick I was with. We had been dating for about a year and I decided that things weren’t going good and that I was going to be the one to break it off. The problem to me was, I had prepaid for a wine tasting tour that was going to last for three days. So there I was going to be, for three days surrounded by wine and my recently minted ex-girlfriend. On a boat.
The entire trip was filled with her trying to make drunken passes at me that I wasn’t interested in, or her basically making a fool out of herself trying to aggressively flirt in front of me with other guys that were on board. Needless to say that we’ll still be friends thing did not apply here.

Do It In Person

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Lastly, if you’re going to break up with somebody you’ve got to remember that they have dedicated a portion of their lives to spending as much time with you as they could. You have to respect that. Think about this gentlemen; we may be some tough people to deal with. Guys can be quite the pain sometimes, that’s why some of you have friends like me to help you out with women. Because you know on your own you don’t have a chance.
Back to what I was saying. I know that now this girl you are with you probably have long, drawn out conversations on Facebook and texts on your phone whenever you aren’t actually around each other; but if you are going to call things quits you do it in person.
It may be uncomfortable for you, because you might have to deal with some of the other stuff that I mentioned earlier like the girl trying to get back with you. However, it’s just the decent thing to do. For one, it gives the person no misconception at all what’s happening. Second, nobody likes bad news. If they hear it in person it seems to be an easier blow. Look at it this way, would you feel better about getting fired from work if the boss told you when you got to the office that today was going to be your last day or if you got the call on the train ride home from work?
It’s about respect. If you limit your breaking up with someone, unless you feel that being in their presence might cause you serious bodily danger or something, to a text message that says to the person that you cared so little about the way things ended that you may not have cared about how things were in the first place.


There’s no real comfortable way to end a relationship. However, this guide isn’t about making you feel comfortable. It’s more or less about making the two of you feel less uncomfortable. Good luck to you cadets.

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