The Friend Zone – Epic Rap Battle Of The Sexes [EP3]

Why do i always get stuck in that damn friend zone…

All I wanna do is get outta there…


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  1. Why do I always get stuck in the “Friends Zone”
  2. When will I be the one that finally takes you home?
  3. Your nipples are my favorite weather report.
  4. I’d be an Olympian if jerking to you were a sport.
  5. I think about you day and night,constantly.
  6. When I have sex with myself,I think of you and me.
  7. I can be Superman,you Louise Lane.
  8. I get an erection from just your image in my brain.
  9. Let me be your batman,your personal Dark Knight.
  10. That’d be easy,since I already watch you every night.
  11. I’d delete almost all my porn just for you.
  12. Why don’t you feel the same way like I do?


  1. Please,you need to give a girl some space and air.
  2. Suffocate me any harder and you’ll choke me with your hair.
  3. When was the last time you did stood up for yourself?
  4. You act like a bitch,like your Santa’s little elf.
  5. If being sexy were a crime,no one would arrest you.
  6. No jail would let you in,not even the freaking zoo.
  7. Wait,I think there’s something on your face.
  8. Hold still,let me fix it with this mace.
  9. What you lack in looks, you more than lack in personality.
  10. You’d be aborted by now if the decision were up to me.
  11. You know what else I’d do just for you too?
  12. I’d climb the highest mountain just to be without you.


  1. Let me be your Adam and you my Eve.
  2. I care for you so much it’s hard to breathe.
  3. I only watch porn to stop myself from cheating on you.
  4. We’re not together,I’m already 100% true.
  5. To the idea that we could be together,forever.
  6. Why would you want to be with any other?
  7. I have more personality than other guys you date.
  8. What’s wrong with me,why so much hate?
  9. I’m just a nice guy telling you the honest truth.
  10. I thought you want that? Unless you’re lying from your tooth?
  11. I don’t want to”just be friends”.
  12. Why don’t we connect at our two ends?
  13. Let me break out of the Friends Zone.
  14. I want to share with you my raging hormones.
  15. Just give me one little chance is all I need.
  16. I’ll mount you and ride you like a trusted steed.


  1. You know,you can make my day with one simple trick.
  2. Find a pencil sharpener and fill with your dick.
  3. So you wanna know why I never liked you back?
  4. Around me you act like a scared little pussycat.
  5. Always trying to hide what you feel and think.
  6. Instead,you act like you’re my personal shrink.
  7. Why didn’t you just tell me straight from the start.
  8. Tell me how you felt direct from your heart.
  9. Instead of suddenly “coming out” to me like this.
  10. You talk shit to me and still expect a kiss?
  11. Why don’t you go play hide behind that shelf.
  12. Once you’re there why don’t you fuck yourself.
  13. What you told me and the crapp you just said.
  14. Really hurt both my heart and my head.
  15. There’s a reason why they call the “Friends Zone” the Abyss.
  16. Even if you’re on fire I wouldn’t save you with my piss

I’m stuck in the fucking abyss…I hate this fucking friends zone

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